For the 2022 ARRL Rocky Mountain Convention will be offering a Country Store. The purpose of the store is for you to sell items without sitting at a table yourself all day. You can simply bring your for-sale items and the friendly Country Store staff will attempt to sell your items for you during the convention… for a small consignment fee, of course.

How it works:

Bring the equipment that you would like to sell with you to the convention on Saturday, Oct. 8th and head to the Country Store. There our staff will assist you in filling out the necessary form. This form will provide us with your asking price and the lowest offer that you are willing to accept. Also, by signing this form you agree to pay a consignment fee of at least 10% of the sale price. The Country Store will open at 8am and run until 4pm. All unsold items must be picked up by 4pm. The Country Store will accept cash or credit cards from buyers, and for any items that are sold, you will received a check within two weeks after the convention.

For more information: Country Store Flyer

Country Store Consignment Agreement